4 Best Voice Assistant Applications for Android

Voice assistants help you to control your smartphone without touching it. If you are bored to touching or taping your phone but you can do a command to your phone by speaking. it’s really helpful you to when your hands are not free or if you are working at the moment you want to touch your phone. further, it’s maybe another kind of fun too.

In the present, we have heard some most popular voice assistant names, a few of them are Siri (provided by Apple), Google Assistant, Bixby (provided by Samsung), Amazon Alexa and more. 

But those assistants allow for separate devices only. it means, Siri for Apple devices and Bixby for Samsung devices ( not all Samsung devices).

So if you worry about my smartphone hasn’t a good voice assistant or an assistant has but it not very useful at all and what are the best assistant applications for my device. In this article, we are going to show you the best voice assistant applications that you make huge smart experience easily. 

Google Now

When it comes to who has the most data stored on you, Google is the detached hero. It collects data from your browser, Gmail, the ads you click on and many more sources. So why you are not put this data to good use? Google Now tries to support you by turning into a virtual personal assistant – don’t worry about appointments, grocery lists, and even movie suggestions because Google Now Now doesn’t miss any of them.

Key Features:

  • Voice command
  • A-Z app list
  • App Suggestions

With Google now, you have one of the most powerful Android virtual assistants at the command of your tongue. Most devices with an OS later than Android 4.1 will have Google Now pre-installed. However, you can update it by installing the Google Now Launcher by clicking the download button.

Download Google now


You might have heard of Cortana if you have a laptop or PC running the latest versions of Windows. Ever wished you could have her on your Android device, as well? Wish no longer – it is possible now. By far, the most useful and interesting feature Cortana has is the ability to cross platforms. You can send messages or talk to your smartphone from your laptop, or vice-versa.

Key Features:

  • Voice Command
  • Cross-Platform
  • Manage Calendar

You are in danger of forgetting that Cortana is not a real person – that’s how good she is. Unfortunately, it is not yet available for all devices, so you might want to check if you can get it on your Android smartphone.

Download Cortana

Lyra Virtual Assistant

Lyra has best-looking interfaces in the best voice assistant apps for Android list. The white and indigo colour combination interface feels natural and gives a high-end vibe. Managing your music with voice feels awesome especially if while you are doing exercise or cook. This one goes a long way to being a virtual assistant just like Siri.

With this voice assistant app for Android devices, you can translate on the go and even uses your native language to control the app. Getting directions and navigating to new restaurants is quite easy as well. Lyra is connected to several services like Google, Facebook, Twitter, Wikipedia, and Yahoo so you can check and update accounts and details on the go.

Download Lyra


Robin is a compact and small assistant application for Android users. The application is very fast in booting up and becomes ready to use in no time at all. The application comes with a strange interface which presents it seems low impact too. While using this app it will pop up with a transparent background which shows you your app drawer. This application can be a little distracting for those with eye-catchyand bright and icons on their drawer.

The app performs well even in light traffic. Standard features are all very well implemented, but texting is really something special. furthermore, this application can recognize a lot of different accents too. However, The feature set compared to the first app on the list is a bit limited. Not that it’s a bad thing but we would’ve loved more options.

Download Robin


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