Wonderful Wi-Fi 6 Officially Launched

The next-evaluation of Wi-Fi has been in the talks for more than a year now. And now, the non-profit Wi-Fi Alliance organization that oversees the implementation of the Wi-Fi standard formally launched the Wi-Fi 6 program. The program tries to get hold of smart devices that use next-generation 802.11ax Wi-Fi radios to an established set of standards.

This indicates that Wi-Fi 6 is exactly on the go. And phone companies that conform to this standard can now soon advertise their smart devices accurately. Furthermore, manufacturers get to put a certification badge on the packaging for smart devices that help the technology.


Hence, the foremost point of Wi-Fi 6 is to increase speeds in a crowded network. Wi-Fi 6 has a pack of tools that execute for a speed connection and transfer more data at once. This indicates that you can get higher speed than earlier.

Key benefits of Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 6 technology include:

  • Higher data rates
  • Increased capacity
  • Performance in environments with many connected devices
  • Improved power efficiency

The higher speeds will be most notable on crowded networks, where the efficiency gains will work to get up for more necessary Wi-Fi demands. Plus, Wi-Fi 6 mandates better security improvement.

Supportability of Wi-Fi 6

Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 6 devices bring improved performance to rising applications such as augmented and virtual reality used in e-Learning, telepresence, and healthcare. Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 6 also provides carriers and public Wi-Fi operators with more capabilities to support advanced connectivity in retail, stadiums, and transportation hubs, including a growing array of location-based applications and services.

Moreover, the Wi-Fi 6 certification although important, is not required. Some companies have already launched their smart devices that already support Wi-Fi 6 the past few months, and they are working just nice. Rather, the certification marks the beginning of the Wi-Fi 6 period.

According to the Alliance report, Samsung’s Galaxy Note 10 will be the very earliest smartphone approved for the brand-new standard. Older smartphones can apply to meet the requirements and certification.

However, Wi-Fi 6 requires new hardware, current products on the market won’t be able to support and update it. Rather, be on the lookout for the new smart devices that are yet to come, which are very likely to support it.

As for the latest iPhone 11 models, Apple has not certified any of its devices in the Alliance for many years now. Although, Apple has remained a member of the organization.

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