Benefits of rooting phone | What is Android Rooting

Gain younger appearance, Root Your old Android Phone/Device

Do you know android rooting? What is the purpose of the rooting? What are the disadvantages and advantages of the rooting? There are general questions that you have thought before rooting. Aim of this article is representing the advantages and disadvantages of the android rooting. But you should remember before rooting or modifying your phone in any approach can void your manufacturers’ warranty and possibly “brick” it. What is the meaning of “brick”? What will “bricking” your device mean you ask? Specifically what do you think? Actually if you root your phone or any android device when your Device will not work properly with previous operating system. We know it is an original operating system.

Benefits of rooting phone What is Android RootingBrick is called as your device does not work with original software. But why we need original software without modern updates as well as warranty. You don’t think about the original OS and it is  useless old one  ,it can’t give you more latest options, but you have wonderful solution via rooting. Furthermore don’t worry about rooting, Don’t afraid the rooting after root your device you can work  as new operating system with old phone  and it has more option/functions than original operating system. Actually rooting is introduced host program to under control original OS. After rooting or hosting rooting program ,finally user can admin and manage any android devices easily. Actually it is process to be given ownership of your phone. After rooting ,phone owner is you truly. Anyway this article is introducing a rooting process step by step simply.

Android rooting is simple process that helps to change  old devices as latest device easily.

Benefits of rooting phone | What is Android Rooting?

Rooting your device suggests that getting “super user” rights or permissions to the Android’s package. With these user privileges, you can gain the power to flash custom package (ROM’s), install new customized themes, increase device performance, increase life of the battery, and have chance to put in package that will otherwise price more money (ex: wireless local area network tethering).These are some benefits of rooting phone. Rooting is basically “hacking” Android device. Within the iOS, this may be the equal to jailbreaking apple device..

Why is it known as Rooting?

The term root has introduced from Linux /Unix operating system. It has explained how super users take permission to enter for all files and programs in your android devices by using original operating system. Anyway the root users gain so many privileges, furthermore rooting is used primarily amendment or modify any package code on the android devices. Do you know? Your carrier/manufacturer does not permission to enter operating system of the phone truly. Actually you can use as a guest. It mean that you can use given options/functions or otherwise you can’t offer any changes with manufacturer original operating system. But after root your phone you can access to your operating and can manage and administration of the phone easily.

Benefits of rooting phone

Custom Software (ROM’s)

The technical term of Read –Only Memory is called as ROM. Actually this internal storage of a device has the operating instructions that required during the device’s normal operation. Your operating system guide you how to operate your phone properly, otherwise you can’t add or change or mange or admin given normal operation system. Furthermore most companies are not offered new update for the old versions. Finally you can’t gain new options and functions have produced the new devices from company because they introduce new operating system for the latest android devices . it is a business strategies.

Actually day by day relaese new android devices with new os by  companies, if you root your device when you can administration and mange your ROM easily ,finally Android users  can take newer update equivalent to company new verson. After root your phone you can insert that application for your device and can work with them.

Anyway if need Custom ROM when Generally I find custom ROM from XDA developer forums. Here more about Custom ROMs.

Custom Themes

Themes are primarily image that you can see on your android device. After root your device, you can change or create any wonderful and magical graphic on your device easily. See about Xposed Framework.

Kernel, speed, and battery

Don’t worry ,you can find so many custom ROM for the rooted devices that will help to increase and enhance the performance such as speed of the your device , expand the battery life through the layer of code introducing by tweak developers and more benefits you can gain via rooting. Go further on Benefits of rooting phone.


It you are rooted your phone/android devices when you can update easily baseband parameter due to your phone calls quality and signals  will be enhance and improved completely. Base band is options which it can control the phones/devices radio.

Latest Versions of Android

Take the latest version of Android through the rooting. It means it is not possible to take new version without root your phones/devices. If you need tech savvy and latest ,then rooting will help you stay on top. You don’t delay  still send manufacturer updates furthermore.

Actually Company updates can not support for old Devices /phones but if you root your phone/device you can gain any new aupdates easily  to your phones.It is most wonderful and magical benefits of the rooting process.

Backing up your device.

If you will miss out the wonderful backing up abilities when you use the stock build. but you can backup all data and apps in your phone/device easily and completely after root your device as safety route. Don’t worry your previous  data and apps will be safe.

Unlocking Additional Features

After root your android device, you can gain the ability to unlock most features on your devices. You can enabling free WI-Fi and USB tethering.

Because the net, you utilize on WiFi Tether is essentially constant internet you already obtained. There’s presently no laws within the U.S. protective customers from such abuse of tethering charges by carriers however there’s forever the way around it to unlock your WiFi Tether on non moving smartphones and tablets.

Free Internal Storage

Users who requires their phone/device from low capacity of memory to high capacity ,you should root your device, then you can increase your memory easily and also can use SD cards for your phone/devices.

You have read some Benefits of rooting phone, Now go for the disadvantages.

Benefits of rooting phoneWhat are the Disadvantages of Rooting?


This term is wholly incorrect and sets an expectation that cannot be met you..Actuality rooting facilitates to your android device to gain/insert new version, then you can use your device as  a new phone /device. If you root your device when it will change  the original version/old version then you can work about new updates. Some phone can be rooted fully and some phone can root partially depended on the manufacture/producer.

How to know your devices whether rooted or not? Install a root checker. Then you should open and follow the given instructions finally it will tell you if your device has rooted or not.

Security (It is miracle,Don’t stop rooting your device)

Actually your company warranty will be cancelled after root your phone and android device company/producers always inform you that it will be very harmful and got risk with some malware, but That statement is definitely incorrect why there  are so many applications you can use to secure your device after rooting. Actually rooting apps is always written person who love to android rooting because android rooting is more powered and can use effectively/productively for your device than original operating system.

 Can I Unroot my device if I change my mind?

Yes, it can do again if you need come back such a stone age. Don’t do such polish activity.  Generally your company is not offered original update after purchased your phone.

How do I learn how to root my device?

Actually rooting your phone is easier than you think .But each android devices have  unique applications help to do rooting. You can find these but searching android articles and videos on here or on the internet. Basically we can introduce primary step you need to do root your phones/devices under 4 categories.

  • Root devices using Apps or tools
    1. Down load the rooting tool to your device.
    2. Install it to device.
    3. Run it while it will be rooted.
  • Root using Rooting Software
    1. Install rooting software to your PC.
    2. Turn on the developer options of the device and Connect your device to PC.
    3. Follow the instructions given by the software to obtain the root access.
  • Root using custome recovery
    1. Find the drivers of your device and install, enable the developer options in your device.
    2. Down load custom recovery tool and flash it to your device.
    3. Download all the related rooting Files you needed then flash all mentioned files to your device.
    4. Boot your device into custom recovery mode and install it.
  • Root using flashing rooted ROM
    1. Find the drivers of your device and install, enable the developer options in your device.
    2. Down load custom recovery tool and flash it to your  device.
    3. Find the suitable rooted ROM and transfer it to the selected device.
    4. Install the Custom ROM by using custom recovery tool.

Hope you got overall Understanding about “Benefits of rooting phone” & What is Android Rooting. Comment your ideas below.

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