8 ways to save Battery on Android

Today we gives 8 ways to save Battery on Android. Dead battery or Low battery is common complaint by any kind of smartphone users. Saving battery have become a huge problem as it has dealt with wide screen phones which may be AMOLED or LCD or sometimes SUPER AMOLED or Super LCD in latest kinds of smartphones which are obviously battery suckers.

But still we have got some important tips for which help you in saving your phone’s battery. Follow the tips that may help you to keep your battery long last.

8 ways to save Battery on AndroidHow battery works

Battery is a device which stores energy and provides it on need. When considering smartphone battery they are made up of lithium. People used charge phone in different ways like some tend charge battery when it’s fully drained while some used to charge its full etc.

But we may prefer you to charge it partially than charging it full way. There may be objections for what we may prefer. So it’s always better you to select the method which will keep battery at optimum level.

Now a days most of the phone in leading market have got non removable batteries which will carry a charge of about 3000mAh and still need to be optimized to keep running your favorites like Clash of Clans. There are some useful tips below for you to follow to get the best of you smartphones. 8 ways to save Battery on Android.

  1. Wallpaper and Screensavers.
  2. Turn off Google Hot words.
  3. Keep Apps updated.
  4. Prevent Using Auto brightness.
  5. Turn off Vibrate and Haptic feedback.
  6. Set on Sleep schedules and avoid being connected always.
  7. Use battery saving apps and features on your phone.
  8. Prevent from Widgets.

Wallpaper and Screensavers

Whatever the phone you have it have to deal with this big wide screen which is battery drainer. If you got a one with Amoled screen (mostly found in Samsung series such as Galaxy S 7) we prefer you to have a dark or black wallpaper which would be a help in saving your battery. Amoled’s got LEDs which will lit up upon colour pixels and when dark or black pixels they won’t lit up. So when they not lit up they would not require energy and battery energy is saved. Do not  use live screensavers to save your battery prolonged. First option of 8 ways to save Battery on Android.

Turn off Google Hot words

Many androids got this OK Google voice searching on their home screen which is very good and magnificent feature to have but will cause chaos in your battery either in use or not.

So we may prefer you to turn this off to save your battery power. Go into your Google settings and select voice heading. Next select OK Google detection. Here it’s better if you can un-tick all the boxes but that should be done according to necessity.

Keep Apps updated

It’s important that to make sure whether your apps are updated. The apps that we use are frequently updated to make them functional with optimum battery and memory. When using older apps it will drain both your battery life as well as you RAM.

Once you are updated with latest app its better if you check whether they are optimized for the battery life. Go to your settings and select Battery. Tap on three dots on top right corner and go to battery optimization and check their battery optimization.

Also its good if you can delete the older apps as they also requires energy as well as memory.

Prevent Using Auto brightness

As we’ve discussed earlier battery life have lot to deal with Display and Screen. When considering the display auto brightness that present in your phone is brighter and comfortable for eye, but we would prefer you to select the level of the brightness manually as it would be a way to save your battery life. You may change the Auto brightness by Quick settings. Go to quick settings and if the box named as Auto is turned on tap on it turn off. This may differ according to the brand but you may also change the brightness as usual. Go to Settings and tap Display and change the brightness level.

Turn off Vibrate and Haptic feedback

Turning on vibration mode on incoming calls and other notifications and feedbacks would cause huge wastage of your battery energy and also the hepatic feedback the tiny vibration which would occur on tapping and typing in keyboard is also a energy driven process. So make Sure to keep them off to save your battery life.

Set on Sleep schedules and avoid being connected always

Make sure that Wi- fi, Mobile data, GPS are turned when they are not in use. Its good if we can be connected to above all 24 hours so that you get the notification and get updated frequently but it will be a battery drainer and Make sure that both Wi Fi and mobile data are both not on at same time. Also turn off Bluetooth and NFC unless they’re not in use as they also require from some amount of power from battery to run.

Moreover you can activate blocking mode or set sleep times when you are not in use in WiFi and mobile data. Also you can activate the don’t disturb mode in your phone ringing and vibrating while you in work or connected.Also you can use Always on during sleep mode when connected to WiFi  which uses less power in reconnecting when you re uses your phone. Other than the above we can suggest you to activate airplane mode when when you sleep or set blocking limits in certain times of day.

Use battery saving apps and features on your phone

Your phone got different precautionary method to save your battery life and also you can download some more apps to save you battery further. In different brands you different power saving features such as STAMINA mode,Extreme Power Saving Mode,Ultra Power Saving Mode etc.

Even you donot have any advanced power saving at least you phone will have the basic battery saver mode to save your battery life. With latest arrival Marshmallow a new feature named Doze was introduced which will save you battery power. When your phone is not in use for a long period of time it make phone shift hibernate mode which will be like your phone is in a sleep. It will only consume 3 to 5 percent over a night and prevent loss of quarter percent which will takes place in a normal phone.

Other than these features you can also prefer to download apps like Greenify which will increase your battery life and optimize phone performances. It will allow the application that you are currently working to run while putting all other apps in background to hibernate mode and will prevent the power loss to other unwanted apps.

Prevent from Widgets

You will receive widgets from apps such as calendar, Twitter, weather, internet etc. If you want to get rid of this unwanted stuff which is energy draining long press on home screen and drag the widgets to the trash bins. This will differ from brand to brand.

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