7 illegal Android Apps That You Should Be know

7 illegal Android Apps That You Should Be know

Application developers and companies are well-thought their applications build satisfy for target users. They allow with all the policies, guidelines, and restrictions given by the Google Play Store. However, there are some developers, who copy contents, break the policies and restrictions.

There has a particular approval process before the app becomes available for download and installation in the Google Play Store. Some of the illegal Android apps were approved and were once popular elsewhere. However, there were claims and petitions that it causes harm and contain illegal contents.

If you absolutely want to use these super useful but illegal Android apps, take the risk!


  1. Before anything else, we do not recommend anyone to use the following Android Apps. These apps are categorized as illegal for a reason. They post possible risk and harm to your personal life. This article is created and written to raise awareness about illegal Android Apps and the attached risks of using them.
  2. We and its entire staff will not be held responsible and liable to any legal issues that you might face for using the following apps.
  3. We and its entire Staff are not affiliated nor related to following Android Apps and its respective developers.
  4. The use of the following apps post risks that can potentially cause harm and steal information about the users. If you wish to use the apps, do so at your own risks.
  5. We and its entire staff will not provide any source or information as to where to get the following apps. We strongly stand by our position as to not use the following apps.


Certainly, Aptoid app that like an app store is illegal and prohibited by the Google Play store policies guidelines, and restrictions. Here is the best example of such an app is Aptoide. If you install the Aptoid, you will be presented with numerous apps that you can download and install.

We emphasize everyone to avoid such app. You should only trust the Google Play store as a source of downloading apps and games.

Sarahah Messaging App

Sarahah was a simple messaging app that started back in 2016. The Sarahah became so popular because of how this app allows to, you can send messages anonymously. It’s Meaning, users can send a message that anyone without them knowing the identity of the sender.

Unfortunately, in over a span of 2 years, the popularity of the instant message application from having the top number 1 spot went down. Up to a point that the app is no longer available on the Google Play store.

The same feature that made the Sarahah app popular was also the same feature that caused its refulgence. Simply, the app was being used for bullying. The application developers tried to hullo the issue by adding a feature to filter messages and block users however; it wasn’t enough to stop the app from being used for bullying.


Girls Around Me

This Girls Around me app has violated the API policy of Google. It has a geo-location tool that enables you to stalk people through their Facebook posts or public check-ins. After that, you can immediately connect with them through Facebook.


It’s creepy, isn’t it? Glad this app has been banned.


This application allows users to watch movies and TV shows directly with their Android device. You do not have to buy to enjoy these TV shows and movies. But, how come it is illegal? The video contents are streamed from direct sources that can possibly contain malicious software. Furthermore Aside from it doesn’t have the copyright to stream its contents; it can also steal some of your personal data.

Terrarium TV

It has an interface similar to Netflix. Your favorite movies and TV shows are available in Terrarium TV. Other than that, it allows you to save and download video contents so you can watch it offline. If you are traveling or aboard, you can freely watch your favorite downloaded movies anytime anywhere.


How does this application become one of the claimed illegal Android apps for your android device? Well, it gives you the leverage to get in-app purchases for FREE. You only have to activate the app, and you are now able to get whatever you want.


This awkward Android application gives you the ability to steal Wi-Fi password on any Android smartphone. It literally works when you connect to the correct Wi-Fi router and you are close to the router.




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