50 Top Best Apps That Every College Student Must Have



We know. You’re an undergrad, or destined to be. You’re on a financial plan, however you require ponder instruments to enable you to get past your courses. Well a portion of the best things in life are free, and that incorporates consider applications. Regardless of whether you are an understudy at one of the country’s numerous conventional or online schools, these applications will enable you to boost your opportunity all through the classroom.

While a few people may state that your mind is the main examination instrument you truly require, it doesn’t hurt to have some free programming to assist. So we’ve assembled a rundown of applications that can help with thinks about. This rundown is basically for Android applications as well as Apple iOS, however a few sections have joins for , Web, or desktop (Mac OS X, Windows, here and there Linux). Every one of them are free, however some may have IAP (in-application buy) choices for cutting edge highlights (or now and again only to get free of irritating advertisements). Sporadically, options are recorded, particularly when an application is just on iOS.


CamScanner is one of the most useful App for everyone, but still very special for Students out there.

With the CamScanner, any reports or documents you find in physical can be digitized and spared immediately with your Smart Phone. Simply take a photograph, and CamScanner deal with the rest. You get the option to edit and oversee records whenever and anyplace as you require. Need to rapidly discover a few docs? CamScanner empowers snappy pursuit in seconds.

The premium version of the CamScanner allows you to scan and copy text from the scanned files. An App like CamScanner definitely increases productivity, by saving your time from such things like unnecessary copy writing and all.

Effectively share recorded documents and files in PDF or JPG to partners through email. Or, on the other hand you can spare them in the cloud, also you can fax and print out those files.


Evernote is an App that a Collage student must have with the Smart Phone, as the Evernote App is not only compatible with Android, it is almost supported on all the platforms such as Windows, Mac OS, iOS etc.

As the Evernote saves everything directly into the cloud you can capture, sort out, and share notes from anyplace. Your best thoughts are dependably with you and always in a sync to access with any of your Device such as computer, Phone etc. Sort out your work and clean up your life. Gather everything that issues in one place and discover it when you require it, faster than ever. Upgrade your notes with agendas, links, attachments, tables and sound recordings. Indeed, even manually written notes are accessible. Sorted out groups accomplish more. From introductory conceptualize to completed venture, make Evernote your group center.


Mathway is a Good App for college students to get through mathematics, science and algebraic equations. The Mathway comes handy when you struggle with solving a Mathematics project work and home work.

The Mathway also one of the best Mathematical problem solver. It is better if you purchase the Premium version of the Mathway as it provides complete ad free experience and some huge features which the free version does not provide. The Mathway is available for iOS, Android, BlackBerry and web for mobile browsers as well.


Dictionaries is exceptionally basic and at such ought to be with you each time, there’s the Dictionary for figures of speech and informal articulations, dictionary for law and therapeutic science, Engineering dictionary and IT dictionaries to say yet a couple.

In any case, for this rundown, our consideration will be on the 3 best Dictionaries for collage Students

Dictionary.com: This is extraordinary compared to other free Dictionary Application for Students, has truly extensive database for words and its significance. It is accessible free for portable and other working frameworks.

Merriam-Webster Dictionary: Merriam-Webster Dictionary is far reaching portable Dictionary for mobile phones and tablets

Offline Dictionaries: Offline Dictionaries is another extraordinary Application for College Studets. With this Application, you can think about English words like an expert, access thesaurus and English different dialects ponders

Google Drive

Google Drive is a document stockpiling and synchronization benefit created by Google. Google Drive enables users to store records in the cloud, synchronize documents crosswise over Devices, and share documents. This is very useful for all the students as it provides the facility to share study materials. Google Drive for a university student is a collection of office and publishing utilities that helps sync documents and increase productivity.

Google Drive offers Applications with offline capacities. Google Drive includes Google Docs, Sheets and Slides, an office suite that licenses community oriented altering of archives, spreadsheets, introductions, drawings, structures, and the sky is the limit from there. Files made and altered through the Office suite are spared in Google Drive.

Google Drive offers the users 15 GB of free stockpiling, with 100 GB, 1 TB, 2 TB, 10 TB, 20 TB, and 30 TB offered through discretionary paid plans. Records transferred can be up to 5 TB in size.  The Users can change protection settings for each and every Files and Folders, incorporating empowering sharing with different users or making content open. On the site, users can scan for a picture by portraying its visuals, and utilize common dialect to discover particular documents, for example, “discover my budget spreadsheet from last December”. The site and Android Application offer a Backups segment to perceive what Android Devices have information backed up to the administration, and a totally updated PC Application launched in July 2017 considers backing up particular folder on the user’s PC. A Quick Access feature can keenly foresee the documents users require.

Encyclopedia Britannica

Encyclopedia Britannica is a complete digital learning suite which carries the whole Encyclopedia. This makes the lots of Kgs into no weight by getting rid of encyclopedias, just kidding. The whole database structure is the same similar to Microsoft Encarta and has lots of contents filled for the students out there to help with their project works and researches.

The Encyclopedia Britannica is available on almost all the platforms such as Android, iOS and even for windows on PC. Also the mobile browser App is available for Encyclopedia Britannica.

Math Expert

Math Expert is just like Mathway, this is a free App especially for students, and this comes handy for leisure studies and can be used to relearn Mathematics or play with some Mathematical exercises.

The Math Expert is a collection of mathematical and Physics formulas. The special feature is that the Math Expert App can calculate the formulas. All the calculation in the math expert is based on the motto “Tell me what you know, and I will check which calculations are possible.”

RealCalc Scientific Calculator

The RealCalc Scientific Calculator is one of the best App for College Students, as it can help with any of simplifies you. Once the App is installed on your Phone, remember that you carry always carry a Scientific calculator in your pocket. The Apps is huge and built enough to solve all the problems with the maths.

Exam Vocabulary Builder

Using Exam vocabulary builder on your iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad can quickly expand your English vocabulary for graduate school exams, university entrance exams, professional advancement, or simply increased language proficiency.Many ordinarily tested vocabulary words from school and college selection tests are incorporated with equivalent words, definitions and illustration sentences. Easily learn new terms with four different ways to study, including a powerful quiz feature which helps you test your progress and a spaced repetition mode which helps you memorize words in the shortest possible time.

Google Translate

The college students of linguistic studies can make use of the Google Translate to get with their studies. The Google Translate is the best translator ever found yet.

The Google Translate is available on web and still there is App downloadable on Android, iOS and Windows Devices.


Pocket is an App just like Evernote but packed up with unique features of its own satisfy the users. With the Pocket, you can bookmark interesting links, save images, videos, voice notes and other interesting contents that you like to read later. This is very useful for students. The Pocket App is available on the iOS and Android for free.

For the next time when you find a video, article or link you want to watch later or read, just save it with the Pocket. The Pocket will sync with your phone, tablet and computer so that you can get back to it whenever and wherever you like to get with it, even you can access it when you are offline.

Also you can save anything to Pocket from pretty much anywhere, including your computer, Safari, email and your favorite Apps like Twitter, Facebook, Flipboard, and Feedly.


BenchPrep resembles a learning administration framework that is worked on especially for College Students.

The web Application is adaptable and their savvy procedures makes learning fun and super cheap.

BenchPrep’s powerful innovation offers an amusement changing learning experience with truly propelled learning information, calculation and examination.

You can enroll with their student situated services with their official site and afterward, download the iOS or android Application and continue using it.


Dropbox is a cloud service that helps you store and share files remotely with a good quality security. The Dropbox is a cloud storage service App that allows you automatically sync your files across all of your own Devices. At the beginning the Dropbox provides you 2GB of space as a free access and you can get more by paying for Dropbox. Sending huge files is easy with the Dropbox, you can even send files to people who don’t even use/have a Dropbox account. And also the features like the doc scanner, shared folders, offline access, and more keeps the Dropbox stands out with the others.

The App is available on all platforms and there is even App for the PC.

iTunes University

iTunes University mostly known as iTunes U is one of the powerful App that brings the whole class room into your iOS Device. The App provides you facilities to build lessons with Apps and own materials., discuss group wise or one on one, take mini notes of PDF projects and collect and make results of the projects from the students. Anyone using a iOS device such as iphone, ipad and iPod can easily access with iTunes University.

IT and Computer Dictionary

IT and Computer Dictionary is one of the good choice for the electronics, electrical and computer engineering students. The App contains database for IT terms.

The premium version of IT and Computer Dictionary on Android is sold for a little above $1.

Engineering Professional

Engineering Professional is an App just like the IT and Computer Dictionary App but focused on to help for the college Students studying Engineering based courses.

The App is combined with all kind of formulas from Civil, Chemical, Hydrology, Electrical, Mechanical and Environmental Engineering. I think every Engineering Student should deal with this App, as the App has the power to make the day more comfortable.


The DocScan is the best alternative of CamScanner, for the students who cannot afford the Premium version of CamScanner. Also considering the App is only available on iOS Devices for completely free.


GoConqr is an amazing App that helps the Students build a Smart method of learning. The GoConqr is designed with the options to set up a goal, create timetables, make plans and share the ideas with other users. This productivity App is a great thing to have with your daily activities to improve your Studies.

The GoConqr is available for both the Android and iOS Devices and the App works awesome on both the Devices. Also the Gocoqr provides a web App.


Coursera is a great App for Students out there, the App contains so much information of University Courses for you to improve and update your course notes and material.

Coursera is accessible from any edge of the world, with the support of Coursera, students all over the world can study and research course notes and materials.

The web App is well developed and also the App download is available for Android and iOS both the Devices.


The Studious App helps you to make schedule of your classes, setup homework deadlines and provides the facility to store notes and photos. Also the Studious App has the ability to get into silence mode at the class times according to the details you have input in the schedules.


EasyBib is a productivity App which automatically generate perfect citation for the work. The App also lets you create citations for your bibliography.

The EasyBib is available on Android and iOS devices.

Wolfram Alpha

Wolfram Alpha is not just a student’s App but still the App plays a huge roll with the professionals either. The Wolfram Alpha is a mobile encyclopedia that gets across all fields of studies. Also the App allows you to analyze and get the get the specific course material that you want. The App has a premium version just costs $2 and it is available for all the major OS (Operating System).


iHomework is just like other productivity college Apps in the list like a companion. The iHomework helps you keep up to date on your school works. You can keep the information stored such as grades, teacher’s info, to do list and everything that is useful for you. Also iHomework is built with a cloud feature, this might help you access the stored data with any of your iOS Device.

This App is only available for iOS Devices but still there is a alternation for Android users, the HomeWork.


Mint is a cool App for you guys to manage your Finance, the App lets you create budgets, and you get alerts on common account charges. Also the Mint App gives you free financial tips to help you save money.

The App is available as a web app and you can download and use it on your Android, iOS and Windows handsets.

Any do

Any do is one of best free App, very useful for Students. The Any do is better designed for you to create to-do list. The App lets you organize and manage things from anywhere, also lets you share the tasks with your friends.

The App is available on Android, iOS, Mac and web app

iStudiez Pro

iStudiez Pro is a best built free productivity App that is not like anything else you had used before. The App has been specially designed keeping the College students in mind, as the App contains tracking schedule, home work with a lovely GUI and Grades.

The App is available for Windows, Mac iOS but supports sync with Apple Devices only.


For Students the SelfControl is a must have App, there are different version of the App for Android and Mac by different developers.

The Android SelfControl App is mainly focused on controlling your activities through your Smart Phone. And the iOS version helps you by blocking the distracting Websites. So you can concentrate on a specific activity without any other distraction.


Todoist is not just a time managing App as it sounds. The Todoist is a great App for students to enhance time management and increase productivity. If you are a College or University student, then you should definitely use Todoist, if not that means you are still losing your time. Make use of this free App to manage healthy time schedules.

Todoist is completely free and available on Android, iOS, Mac and web App.

Voice Recording Apps

Smart Voice recording Apps are very much useful for keeping a memo, meetings recorded and long lecture notes. This is a faster and smarter way to get through the lectures again and again. These kind of method is very responsive with your studies.


The TripAdvisor is one of the best Travel organizing App, this app helps you to organize and get through some unforgettable moments. With TripAdvisor you can find best restaurants, great hotels and so much fun things and places. Also the App gets you many things more than just advice for trips.

The App is available on all the popular platforms.


Feedly is a great App that feeds your knowledge by providing you news, articles, tips and resources that are really useful for your field or the course.

Feedly is greatly performing as a web app and also the App is available on Android, iOS, Mac, windows (mobile).

Dragon Dictation

Dragon Dictation is a great iOS App, the App lets you convert the voice to text like a boss. Also this is one of the great voice recognition App on the iTunes store. The App lets you record the notes just with your voice. You can take notes and record them faster with the Dragon Dictation, this is faster than ever you thought. Also the App supports corrections in languages other than English.


Quizlet is something like a collection of all useful Apps and study materials. This App must be very much compatible with your group studies. Also the App comes handy for college and University students.

The Quizlet is available on all major OS (Operating System)

Sleep if you can Alarm

Sleep if u can Alarm is a great alarm App out there. I guess this App might be very useful for students like you. Why the alarm App becomes special? Yes, this alarm App is something special, because the App will not just ring the alarm, it has included a harder method to turn off the alarm. Unless you  completely wake up you can’t shut it down. Such a way you should definitely wake up on time.

The App is available for Android and iOS Devices.


Notability is an App for iOS users, it lets you markup photos, take notes, sketch ideas, record lectures, annotate PDFs, and provides audio feedback. The point is, it is a premium App especially designed to fulfill educational purposes for Students and lecturers. The App costs about $4.

Sunrise Calendar

Sunrise Calendar App helps you stay organized to overcome distractions that gets you to lacking time management. This App always lets you keep up your time with meeting schedules and never let delay for anything here after.

The Sunrise Calendar App is available as web app and supports for Android and iOS users.

Trello App

A great productivity and time management App. Also the Trello App is the same as the Sunrise Calendar. Sometimes it is mentioned as a great alternation for Sunrise Calendar either.

The Trello App also available on almost all the major platforms.


Flashcards+ is an App that you shouldn’t live without as a high school students. This is an awesome online notecard and flashcard tool for College and University students, especially for those who are studding for exams like SAT, GRE, ACT and other standard exams.

The Flashcards+ App lets you memorize things faster and makes the experience so fun like a boss. This App is designed focusing the users to learn things more quick.

The Flashcards+ is available for Android, iOS and Windows devices.


Chegg is also a must have App for college students as the App lets you access with text books, study materials and also to get help. The advantage of the App is, it provide you tips and tutorials to solve complex problems and scientific questions.

The App is available totally free on iTunes and Google Play Store.


The CliffsNotes is an App designed for educational purposes for literature and linguistic students. If you are studying English language and literature then the App is designed to serve you as your leisure study pal.

The Cliffsnotes is avialble on iOS devices for free.


The Duolingo is simply another superb App for students. It helps to learn new languages with simplicity and ease. The App is totally free to get access with web App and also has the App to download for Android and iOS.


TED App is a regularly updated App and it has all the updated information for education. It is integrated with tech geniuses, business gurus, medical mavericks, music legends, education radicals and other remarkable things that are important on the fields. The TED also allows you to find out thousands of talks, videos to feed your brain and explores innovative concepts to enlarge your world.

The App is available for Android, iOS and windows mobiles.


StudyBlue is an App that provides you great ways to study smarter as a College/University student. The App allows you make concepts and learn as well as notes are organized and easily accessible.

The StudyBlue is free use on Android and iOS devices


Clear is one the great premium iTunes App for you to create, to do reminders. The App really lets you be creative with time management and keeps you improve the overall productivity. As a College student it might be very useful for you.

Start organizing with Clear for a better output of yourself.


IQTELL is an App that lets you improve email productivity by managing all your email accounts at one place. As well as the App allows you add items to your to do list. Also with IQTELL App you will learn to browse smarter and manage your precious time.

Lecture Notes

Lecture Notes is a well-designed educational App especially designed keeping the College students in mind. The App makes you write and sketches faster on your Device. The App is recommended and optimized for Tablets to get the maximum with the App. It costs about $3.

The Lecture Notes is available for Android Devices.


As we exist is a busy world, our precious time has to be used on something valuable. So with the Venmo App you can save the time to manage your finance, as the App provides mobile banking with a bank grade of security systems and data encryption. This provide high level of security with these options. Te also lets you get money with debtors, cash out to any bank, send money, pay for friend’s drink and all stuff like that.

The Venmo App is available for Android, iOS and Windows devices.


Wunderlist allows you capture your ideas and organize it with the way to increase productivity. This App also would be your time management tool. The Wunderlist is one of the favorite App for College students and professionals as the app focuses on innovation and productivity.

The Wunderlist is available for Android, iOS and Mac.


RefME is an excellent App that makes it easy to create footnotes and citations. The App is focused on college students and makes automating citations.

This App is available for Android and iOS, also provides the web app.


Now at the end, I have mention a Fitness App for you guys to keep in fit as you all are young people. Always remember Health is wealth. MyFitnessPal is a utility App that lets you be in fit for the whole year as the name resembles. I recommend MyFitnessPal as it is a calorie counter it helps you set a daily goal and as well as it records your daily activities. With MyFitnessPal you will be tracked whole day.

The App is available for Android, iOS and some other Operating Systems.

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