15 steps to save your phone from water damage


If you have wet your smartphone in the rain or dropped into toilet sink, pool then it will be damaged easily. Yes of course, don’t panic.

Anyway, we have seen that so many smart phone users have so many problems and they don’t have any knowledge about how to protect their phone after wet or sink into water. Furthermore, you need to be quick to do below mentioned fact to save Your Smartphone if you have let the device into water.

1.You should first turn off your Smartphone quick as soon as possible

2.And you should remove protective casing of your smartphone

3.Remove the battery immediately

4.Don’t shake your smartphone

5.Remove sim and Micro SD Card

6.Don’t heat your smartphone using by Microwave or don’t provide other external heating Technics

7.You should not blow your smartphone

8.Remove water using by dry cloth or Paper towel. It will help to spread the water into the external part of your smartphone

9.You can vacuum water using by vacuum cleaner carefully

10.Furthermore, you can keep it under air fan

11.Finally, you should keep your device in a dried place with silica gel, the silica Gel will suck all the water out.

12.Anyway, some user, put wet phone into dried rice. After covered by clothes. (if you like to get this experience, You should follow above mentioned steps and then you can put it into rice.It is conventional drying methods in Some Users.Actually if you can not find silica gel when you can practice it easily)

13.Once everything is done, should not connect the battery to your device at least for 24 hours (if it could be 48 hours it is even better).

14.After 48 hours, connect the device battery and turn it on, if the device turns on without any trouble then everything is fine. Then you check all your device components to confirm whether everything is ok or not. If you find no issues then everything is fine.

15.If your device didn’t turn on, then you can charge it. If your device heat goes up when you charge your Device.It means that it has some  technical trouble,so you should disconnect the charger immediately and Just take your device to the nearest Service center and hand it over. At the service center, they will give the device a perfect cleanup and then will check for hardware errors and fix them.Otherwise it can charge without any trouble when you can use it safely.


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