Top 14 Best Root Apps 2018 For Rooted Android Phones

Device Rooting is very common on new world but an essential thing than past. By rooting your Android you  will get some awesome benefits. There are many root apps for Android. On this article I’m gonna talk about few popular Root apps. These apps are very popular and the best up now. Rooting an Android is quite easily by using the internet. Here are Top 14 Best Root Apps 2018 For Rooted Android Phones.

Top 14 Best Root Apps 2018 For Rooted Android Phones

01. Greenify

Greenify app is a wonderful solution for your device battery. This will automatically hibernate battery hogging which appear on the background. This app can download to your device by using Google play store.Once you created it required full access to the phone. This app is effective on non rooted phones too. The best battery saving app for the devices which are non rooted. With the Greenify app you can run your device smoothly and it helps to identify and put misbehaving apps in to hibernation when those are silent mode.

02. Flashify

Flashify app is something very important and all root users must have. From this app you can queue up stuff to flash ROM recovery without reboot the device. By using this you can recover images, zips, etc. This method is very safe to backup everything (local or cloud storage). This app keeps recently flashed data as a track.

03. Assistive Zoom

This app is very famous and common in many smart phones.By installing this you can perform zoom activities with only one finger than using two hands which annoying you.,This helps you to zoom the required scale very easily. This works from 2.2 and up.

04. Data Sync.

This is very useful when you are using more than one device. This helps to sync data between your devices. This app requires normally via your local Wi-Fi Network. By using the Data sync app you can syncing individual files instead of the entire backup data. This method is very effective and clean. Also this support Bluetooth and NFC.
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05. Tasker.

This app is very powerful in your smart phone although its looks very simple app. It makes your tasks very simple for instance. For an example if you wanna turn on your WiFi when you reach home this Tasker app will do it for you quickley. This app makes your smart phone awesome.
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06. AdBlock Plus.

This app is a free application which removes advertisements from your smart phone.This app is not available in Google play store. This is the popular add blocker for Android devices.This works only via WiFi and requires proxy. When you have this app on your smart phone your device is free from malware domains, banners, pop-ups and video adds even when you on face book  and you tube.
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07. Wondershare MobileGo.

This is an awesome software for your Android that you have ever seen. This is very easy to handle. On the other hand this app is very safe and secured. Can say this is 100% safe. This fully compatible with Android 2.1 and up.
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08. Dumpster.

This is a data recovery tool which can find files you have deleted. It supports photos and videos like most,but also music files, documents and anything you accidentally deleted. Once you install this acts like the recycle bin on your device, and you can delete permanently if needed.

09. Link SD

Link SD root app is  something that allows you to move apps to your SD card. This is a wonderful way to take advantage from your SD card space.
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10. System Tuner.

This app can analyzed exactly what is going on with your device and make few tune up performance. This app enables you to backup and restore apps and their settings.
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11. Full Screen.

This app increase your screen size by removing both the top and bottom notification bar. This is very simple app to handle. The great advantage on this app is you can experienced full screen videos, games images, etc.
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12. LBE Privacy Guard.

All your Android apps required different permissions to function.When you deal with this app you simply install LBE Privacy Guard and then you can customize the app permissions for each and every app.
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13.Titanium Backup

Titanium backup is the ultimate App use for rooted devices, actually quite simple to use that available in both free and paid version paid version call for Titanium backup pro.Using Titanium Backup,you can make your every Backup Easily.

14.Tasker App

Purpose of the Tasker App is  controlling and  automation of your Android device in fundamental level and friendly manner,  perform tasks for android application (sets of action) such as application, time, date, location event, and gesture.
There are more and more apps now. We have listed only 12 awesome best apps for rooted phones.we appreciate feedback on Top 14 Best Root Apps 2018 For Rooted Android Phones.
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