10 New biggest features of Android 7 Nougat

Android 7.0 Nougat (N)

Android nougat is the latest version of android firmware. Recently Google have announced the Android Nougat developer preview 4 and they are hoping to launch the final release around October. This developer preview give us a general explanation about Android 7.0. This preview contains many exciting features, hopefully they will make them with the final release.

Android Nougat name

Google has published the official name as the “Nougat” for the latest release of Android. Nougats are a series confections made using sugar, honey, roasted nuts and chopped candied fruits. There were many predictions regarding the name of new android firmware version. Millions of people thought that it will be “Android Nutella”. But the Google has confirmed the official name as “Android Nougat”.

Developer Preview 4

Regarding several unknown reasons, Google have changed the Quick settings toggle function. Previously it was developed to on or off a setting by tapping a toggle. In this preview it direct us towards a mini settings menu instead of toggling Quick settings menu. This feature would not be very user friendly and it will be a strange thing for the android users. Google will have to do some changes to avoid this.

10 New biggest features of Android 7 Nougat

New biggest features of Android Nougat

You will be able to download the developer preview 4 of Android Nougat if you have a Pixel C tablet or a Nexus 6 device. Here you can see several new features which are developed with Android 7.0 Nougat.

1. Multi-tasking

Android N has introduced the multitasking feature to its operation by allowing the ability for user to splitscreen functions. This was productively designed for the Pixel C Tablet. However this feature will work on smart mobile devices too. There is no need to update other applications to add this feature to the functioning of user installed apps.  The interesting trick regarding the task switching button, that you will be able to instantly switch between tasks by double tapping on the task switching button. Google has named this feature as “Quick Switch”. They have also included a “Clear All” button, so you will be able to close everything at once.

2. Functional Notifications

Notifications shade have been completely changed by applying structural and appearance developments in Android N. Smaller icons and full-width design makes better with space management and keep menus smarter than previous versions.  You are now able to expand the notification shade two times successively with more details to react and reply easily to notifications. By long pressing on each notification it gives us the ability to control and manage alert settings from each app.

3. Settings Menu

Setting menu has been reconstructed with several new abilities. You will see the first thing at the top of the menu, now you can suggest new toggles to the menu before starting work with your new device such as email accounts, social media accounts and voice commands. So you don’t need to go deep inside into menus to see battery settings, storage capacity, data usage and many other things.

4. Data Saver feature

This feature will help you to manage your data usage. When the “Data Saver” is enabled it will obstruct background syncing and once you are connected to a Wi-Fi network it will start syncing again. Note only the background syncing, it will make some attempts to reduce and minimize the data usage of other installed apps. This will save your data allowance and you will be able to give some privileges to selected apps with data usage.

5. Change Display Size

This feature will assist you to change the screen size of on screen contents. This is also called as changing display DPI. You can change these settings through Settingsà Display à Display Size (Move the slider to increase and reduce the size of on-screen windows)

6. Background Update

In previous versions of android you will be notified for updates and you have to wait for several minutes to complete the download and install the update. But Android Nougat downloads the updates when you are connected to Wi-Fi and it will be installed into another partition. Then it will switch the partition with new update at the next time you boot the device. You don’t need to waste your time to download and install updates.

7. Night Mode

This feature is competitive with the Apple’s “Night Shift” feature. Looking at a bright display light at night can occur several eye disorders, this feature will help you by controlling brightness and transforming screen into yellow when you’re using your device at night. You will also be able to adjust screen brightness, contrast and colors manually.

8. Block Annoying Numbers

Call blocking function has been added to the Android Nougat. System level list can be maintained for this feature. The list will exist as long as the device is operating. Stock dialer app, SMS app and different apps based on the carrier can be facilitate with the call blocking.

9. Do Not Disturb Mode

You can make several settings regarding the volume settings of your device. Different prioritized tasks can be assigned by making several taps on your device. This will allow you to fix preset times to activate Do Not Disturb mode and deactivate it back. The device will switch between those modes automatically after making pre configurations.

10. Pin apps to share through social media

Android Nougat allows you to pin apps to the sharing apps list. Only thing you need to do is long pressing on the desired app, preferred app will be pop out at the beginning of the sharing list. You don’t need to scroll the messy list to select the best app as your own will.


Though we can hear many predictions and see many sneak peeks into Android Nougat, we still cannot predict what will be the final release. If you are really curios to know what Android Nougat is; there is the beta version that can be tested on Google Nexus 6P, 5X and Pixel C Tablet. Try Android Nougat and have fun….! Thank You…!

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