10 Cool Android Marshmallow Features

10 Cool Android Marshmallow Features  !

 Android 6.0 Marshmallow is the newest release succeeding Lollipop (v5.0) 1.0 and 1.1 which has been available as the Android M developer preview since August 17 2015, released at Google I/O.

The new android M has many cool features. But the 10 coolest vary from one user to the other Android Marshmallow Features

10 Cool Android Marshmallow Features

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Here are the 10 we found the coolest Android Marshmallow Features  !

1.Google Now on Tap

This cool feature provides the ability to build Google Now access into apps supplying contextual information on whatever is displayed on the screen. A song, movie or whatever if you need more information on your favorite, it’s just one tap away!

2.App Permissions

This cool feature allows you to manage well the app permissions. No longer you have to give the app everything it asks for without even knowing what it is up to. With android M, apps are at your mercy. You decide when to say ‘yes’ when to say ‘no’



This is another topic of Android Marshmallow Features introduced by Google to save power called – Doze. This identifies when the device is dozing off and dial down on the background services on such periods. This feature is mainly aimed at tablets which tend to doze off more often. According to Google the doze mode will increase the stand by battery life of Nexus 9 up to two times.


Android Marshmallow Feature Fingerprint

Android M is the first version of Android that supports fingerprints at the API level. This is going to end the password era. Now apps can use your fingerprint instead of password or pin for authorization. This includes apps like password manager and provide an reliable mobile payment platform as in android pay.

5.Android Pay

This is another feature attempting to make a change in the mobile payment platform. This will allow carry out payments in other smartphones unlike Apple pay or Samsung pay who allow services only on their own smartphones. This also can co-operate with the new fingerprint feature of Android Marshmallow Features.

6.Simplified volume control


A new volume control was introduced in android Lollipop. But it was unsuccessful due to the complexity. But the modified one in Android M is easier to use and allows music, alarm, system volumes fixed separately.

7.Chrome custom tabs

With this cool feature, when you have to go from an app to the web, you don’t need to wait a long time for the page to load. Custom tab will run on top of the app and load a few things so when you go there, it won’t take time to load.

8.USB Type-C

Android M support for USB Type-C for Android phones and tablets.Users will be able to charge their devices faster. You also can plug the new type of USB cable into a new phone or tablet in any direction.

9.Adoptable storage devices

Android M can make an external storage device like a microSD act like an internal storage in the device. With this feature you can transfer apps and other data to external storage devices.

 10.App drawer

This feature includes standard vertical drawer divided through alphabetical sub-divisions and main four icons at the start comprising of your recently used apps.

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