10 Best Root Apps 2016

10 Best Root Apps 2016

One of the best things in Android Operating System is rooting. It allows users of Android smart devices’ to get full control and authority within the system. With Android rooting user can completely remove and replace the operating system of the device.

What rooting gives its users?

  • Plenty of advanced apps
  • Boost speed and battery life
  • Better backup
  • Latest operating system updates
  • Reveals hidden feature
  • Increases performance
  • Reversible
  • Access blocked features
  • Install Custom ROMs
  • Gives full control over the device

10 Best Root Apps 2016

Many benefits can be experienced with your rooted Android device by installing some super root apps which are only accessible on rooted devices. They help us to increase our Android device’s performance and add new features. If you wish to root your device, the next most important thing is to get best roots apps on the device. There are thousands of different root apps available and with time we get even more applications. Therefore We have collected here some of the best root apps 2016 for your rooted Android.

1. Device controlDevice control-Best-root-apps-2016

Device control is an app to control most important features of your device. It includes extra features like Tasker, App Manager, Editors, Wireless File manager and some more. With effective device control you can tweak and make changes on your device. Device control app comes with following features which make it best in 2016.

  • Features like Knock-On, vibration strength, screen color temperature and LCD power reduce.
  • Voltage control options and fast charging.
  • GPU frequencies, governors.

2. GreenifyGreenify-Best-root-apps-2016

Greenify can boost your device’s performance and it lets your device function smoothly and faster. This app works for both rooted and non rooted devices but you will get more features with root access. Greenify can put those misbehaving or interrupting apps into hibernation mode when they are not in use. This can reduce your device power by controlling the wastage.

3. ROM ManagerROM Manager-Best-root-apps-2016

Every Android user must have this app as it can effectively recover your data with the latest and best ClockworkMod recovery and allows you to install Custom ROMs on your Android device. It comes in a premium version in this 2016 offering more advances root features.

4. Root ExplorerRoot Explorer-Best-root-apps-2016

This is a nice app for your rooted device which helps you to organize your internal storage and SD card contents. With this app you can get all access on your Android device’s file system.

  • Multiple tabs for easier navigation.
  • Create and extract zip or tar files.
  • Built in text editor.

5. Gravity BoxGravity Box-Best-root-apps-2016

Gravity Box is a module which gives you opportunity to customize your Stock ROM. You do not need of flashing files all the time, what you have to do is give a reboot to apply new tweaks. It has more features like,

  • CynogenMod Pie controls.
  • Lockscreen tweaks.
  • Status bar tweaks.
  • Navigation bar tweaks.
  • Power tweaks.
  • Display tweaks.
  • Media tweaks.
  • Dialer tweaks.
  • Launcher tweaks.
  • Screen recording.

6. Chainfire 3D best root appChainfire 3D-Best-root-apps-2016

If you are a gamer, this is a must have app on your rooted Android device. Chainfire can be used to increase performance of your games by reducing rendering graphics. This prevents game from lagging and will make it super awesome.

7. TaskerTasker-Best-root-apps-2016

Tasker is a premium app for Android users who want to automate tasks. It makes things happen automatically when the certain conditions are met. There are many built in plugging which supports it massively. Therefore you can easily automate tasks with Tasker if you have a rooted Android device.

8. Link2SDLink2SD-Best-root-apps-2016

Link2SD is a very useful app to solve the problem related to low device storage. It allows the user to move the apps that install in internal storage to external storage (SD card). This way is great to free device’s internal storage and install as much apps you love. In some cases it is a bit complex to follow but this app is worth trying and a must have root app for rooted Android devices.

9. Solid ExplorerSolid Explorer-Best-root-apps-2016

Solid Explorer is the best way to manage your media files on your rooted Android device. There you have the ability to change system level file properties and also try with different customization options.

10. CPU TunerCPU Tuner-Best-root-apps-2016

CPU Tuner is the best way to control power consumption of your device. Normally smart devices consume more power and due to that battery will reduce faster. With CPU Tuner you can have a good control over the faster battery reduction problem.

As we discussed above we can try many different apps on our rooted Android device for a better performance. There are many Best root apps you can find out. We have listed only 10 of them and hope to list other tools also. So, These are some of the best root apps of 2016 and these will surely help you a lot to unlock the true potential of your Android rooted device.

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