10 Best New Android games you must play in August 2016

You are welcome to our 2016 July summary of the best and latest android games. We have got several interesting and most popular games for you. Everybody is talking about couple of games that have been really popular between many gamers. Clash of clans had the place on the top list of the android games for long time. But recently the number of Pokémon Go players had reached the of daily twitter users. You will have a good explanation on recently released games in previous month.

July 2016: This month’s top pick

1. Pokémon Go

Stay aware about your environment, follow your GPS map to catch Pokémon. Simply the Pokémon Go can be explained like that. This is not a motivational message for your gaming character, neither it’s not a piece of historical description about Pokémon Go. This is original awareness message for you, the gamer to play it easily and productively. Pokémon Go will take you to outside to discover the surrounding and find hidden wonders. You will definitely realize that Pokémon Go is a living game for your smart device.Pokémon Go

Let’s talk about act of playing this popular smart device game. You will begin to play this game as a trainer who is traveling across the map to collect virtual creatures and fighting with other trainers. Instead of playing the game inside a virtual world you will have the ability to play this game inside your own real world, which will give you a lively feeling about gaming.

Combination of the augmented reality elements and GPS, this wonderful game construct it surrounding on real locations around you. The only thing that you need to do is stepping out and explore your surroundings to catch all the Pokémon.

However Pokémon Go has made a big revolution in the minds of recent gamers and it’s still heading to the leap across the right direction. This game is available to download free on Play store and it will support on devices that are based on Android 4.4 and above. Several countries are not eligible to download this.

2. Her Story

The award-winning “Her Story” is now on your hand. They got approximately a year to launch the mobile app after the initial PC release of the game. Her Story will direct you to analyze clues, search through a police database and go through some police interviews to explore a mysterious murder from mid-nineties.  I recommend you to explore the case instead of solving, because you will not need and powers or puzzle solving skills. Simply enter the keywords to search on the database and find videos to watch regarding the search terms. It may not the exact video that you are looking for, so you will need to try different search terms and stumble upon the database to find the particular one.

Her StoryYes, what will be the most fascinating thing regarding the Her Story? Even it is nonlinear, to keep you addicted and coming back this app delivers some thrilling twists and turns during the flow. The important thing in here is, you get a very little time of ‘game play’. Yet, it will be one of the best memorable experience for gamers.

Android 4.4 and above devices are compatible with this app. It was launched on a discounted offer for 2.99$ and the download size is 1GB.

3. Battleplans

Battleplans is based on cell shading graphics and considered the trusted tried-and-true strategic formula. This is a free to play game and you will need to pay expenses for war, troops, element wise upgrades, wait for troops and other elements to be upgraded or you can make the upgrade process fast using your premium currency.

BattleplansIt will give you a different experience with bit more depth compared to the other games in this genre. You will able to see time-limit components within the game play, do not forget to manage your time to get the maximum use of such elements to make your battles more successful. The gameplay provides you an extra abilities to effectively avoid obstacles and move your troops robustly across the map between limited time intervals.

It’s unmistakably been composed off the back of portable triumphs like Clash of Clans and Boom Beach, shunning the vast majority of the same tropes. It’s not a real revolution as another strategy game, but rather it’s well equipped and practical. In case you’re still eager for a greater amount of these sorts of free-to-play titles, don’t be shy to try this amazing app.Battleplans is free to download on Play Store and the size of file is 55 MB. This game can be run on Android 4.4 or above devices.

June 2016

4. Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons is a fantasy story in which you have to take control on two young brothers directing to a quest to cure their dying dad.

Within the game there are plenty of marvelous virtual storyteller effects and completely designed 3D environments, the unique feature regarding this game is you will need to control both of the game characters independently using your thumbs on either side of the display. You may solve puzzles and move across the North Europe-based (Nordic) gaming land map using their individual strengths of two brothers.

BrothersSince the characters talk an unidentified language (without subtitles), you will need to know who they are just from how they interact with virtual objects and characters. While the elder sibling two brothers is regularly focused on the current workload, the younger one tends to explore the world more playfully; sometimes, these straightforward and unobtrusive demonstrations of friendliness and in cooperation between brothers are really wonderful to see.

Moving both characters simultaneously across the map can be really tricky and if there was an extra button to interact on different platforms, as opposed to this being attached to the development control as it is running on Android operating systems. This game can be downloaded from Play Store for &4.78.

5. Crashing Season

Crashing Season has been developed using nice an awesome upbeat soundtracks, robust and wonderful animations and a funny theme. These qualities has made this game a top hit in these days. Instead of typical hunting down on wildlife, this allows you to hunt a wide variety of wacky animals such as elks, bears and alligators. You can survive and beat waves of different types of enemies, unlock new funny animal characters to hunt, customize your gaming character with amazing upgrades and accessories compare with the other players around the world within the game play.

Crashing SeasonYou will need to complete particular objectives related to each level to proceed, it can be survival for ‘x’ number of seconds or destroy enemies in a particular method. If the enemies are continuously attacking you, you will need to maneuver the incoming gunfire to last long. Crashing Seasons is free for you to download on Play Store.

6. Vector 2

Vector 2 the free runner game that was developed by NEKKI has been launched to the android devices. Once again NEKKI have put you in the control seat to handle silhouetted hero that is trying find his way out to escapes from a complex and dangerous cyberpunk world.

Vector 2Vector 2 has higher production values, but the original gameplay and other supportive features of the game are still attractive and beautiful as before. To jump your character swipe across the display, slide, run and grab items while avoiding deadly traps. Learn stunts to get the best advantages from your character.

Vector 2 can be downloaded from Play Store for free.

May 2016

7. Pathfinder Adventures

Pathfinder Adventures brings you the experience of physical Pathfinder Adventure Card game to your hands. This incredible roleplaying digital game version was released to the Play Store on May 2016.

It contains lots of bugs and it physical depth makes it harder to get along with people who haven’t played the original Pathfinder card game. Definitely, learning basic practices can consume around one hour and this should be simplified for a better method to make it more user friendly.

pathfinder-adventureAnyway, the Pathfinder will be really demanding and popular, because the rareness of that kind of mobile gaming apps on the Play Store. This is not a crispy snack or a delicious chocolate that can be consumed instantly, it’s a thick, strong and firmly baked meat pie. Obsidiant Entertainments is well known as a company that develops quality and best games, Pathfinder Adventures is not different with them. Questing, character building and cards demonstrates a fantastic art while delivering you an unforgettable experience.

You can download this app for free from Play Store.

8. Star Knight

Star Knight can be introduced as a minimalist 2D platform action game. You can find four onscreen controls that assist you for interactions to jump, run left, run right, and attack. You will need to follow up a series of levels with gradually increased difficulty levels.Star Knight

Though it is small, it does a lot that you don’t even believe. The combination of colors and lighting effects construct a wonderful setting to the atmosphere. This is not the first developer to be the toughest and use silhouettes or solid aesthetic designs. You may face instant kills from spike traps and small enemies may do a big damages to your health, but you will realize that everything is clear while playing and applying your health pickups to recover your health level back.

You can download Star Knight on a 66% off offer at $0.88 now.

April 2016

9. Cube Escape: Theatre

Cube Escape is a series of adventures related game for Android, iOS and PC. This game is based on the point and click strategy formula. These regularly clever and competitive series released the eighth outing as Cube Escape: Theatre. The developer “Rusty Lake” has acquired 4.8 ratings on the Play Store the “Theatre”.

cube_escape_theaterYou will be directed to solve a range of puzzles to make sure that the Rusty Lake theatre conducts its six rounds scheduled performances. You will realize that there is no more hand-holding here as many typical smart device games. Each and every aspect that you learn and discover will be really advantageous for you to gain good results for your own hard work. Cube Escape: Theatre will make you a smart thinker as well.

Frustration when you stuck on puzzles can result in these sorts of games when you don’t know how to proceed and gameplay degenerates into ‘try this thing in each conceivable spot until it fits, yet Cube Escape: Theater figures out how to stay away from this in several sharp ways.

Those puzzles can be basically confusing, its odd tone is steady all through the art, on the composing and gameplay. However this is a great game and you will love this game.

“There is no escape in the Rusty Lake Theatre, fulfill all 6 plays to continue.”- Quote from the developer.

This app is free to download on Play Store.

March 2016

10. Clash Royale

The most recent release from the Supercell developers is here on your hands. They gave it an enormous push on advertising and they were expected to put it within the top 10 smart device games on the Google Play Store.

Clash Royale is also based on MOBA (Multi-player Online Battle Arena), RTS (Real-time Strategy) and CCG (Collectible Card Games). The operation that it combines above aspects is really effective and beautiful. It will only be achieved by a huge and well established developer team like Supercell.

Of course, it’s significantly more streamlined than different RTSs or CCGs, and this is done to make it more agreeable, however it never feels minor. It likewise holds the Clan component, permitting players to gather as one to share cards, and in this way acquire experience.

Be careful, as ever, the freemium. This app utilizes time-locked moves upgrades to urge you to make purchases, however in the event that you’re persistent, you can simply endure it.


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