Titanium Backup apk for most powerful bakup

Titanium backup is the most powerful apps backup for your android!

Most of android users like their devices work with high standard level and always they are trying to  select best apps, android market has a large number of apps, someone install apps they get high improvement, a few number of users having lack of improvement, why they face defarent situation ? We introduce simple steps to selected best and awesome apps.

  • Before use the app you have to read reviews
  • Soft wear rating and downloaded quantity
  • You have to know, Handling method , process step and all about you selecting Apps

 Titanium Backup

We introduce best back up Application its call Titanium backup

  Android users install Titanium backup apk they having backup utility for Android, which backs up system and applications along with their data on external storage,

Titanium backup is the ultimate App use for rooted devices actually quite simple, to use that available in both free and paid version paid version call for Titanium backup pro,

More reviews about Titanium backup in Google play store   

  • Voted #1 top root App on twitter
  • Awarded apps of the year 2011
  • Best backup App for Android
  • The most full –features of the backup

Titanium backup apk available in Google play store

 Features of the free version

  • Very fast App listing (300 Apps install 1 second),
  • No ads no time limit,
  • Sort Apps by name /last backup /backup frequency
  • Filter Apps by name /type /status / apps organizer labels (also affects batch operation )
  • Backup /restore regular apps ,protected apps, external apps and system Apps +their setting
  • Restores the market links when restoring apps
  • Zero click background batch backup
  • Interactive batch restore
  • Many batch scenarios (e.g.; if more than N days since last backup, etc.)
  • Zero click app and system app un -installer
  • Move up to app to/ SD card and move app data to /from SD card
  • Batch action widgets
  • Quick reboot widgets
  • You have to schedule backup a single week or biweekly
  • User –defined apps lists with filtering ,coloring and scheduling support
  • Built –in Android market information viewer (android 2.0+)
  • Ability to remove orphan app data

Titanium backup pro added more features

  • Multiple backups per apps
  • 0- click batch restore
  • Backup restore SMS, MMS, calls , bookmark,
  • Multi-user supports for some apps
  • Batch verification
  • Back up apps without closing them
  • Create your own update.zip containing apps +data
  • Restore individual apps +data from non- root ADB backups
  • Restore individual apps+ data from CWM backups and restore individual apps +data from TWRP backups
  • Hyper shell speed
  • And more!

For more about titanium backup apk use this video


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