Odin download|How To Root Your Samsung Device Using Odin.

Samsung odin download|What is Odin?

Odin   is a very powerful Samsung Software that came to know few years back, and which acts for firmware on your Samsung device. It is a utility software developed and used by Samsung group. Odin download has not officially released to the public, but few years back it was leaked unintentionally. As it is a very powerful tool you have to go through the instructions well before you proceed with it. Because it is beneficial only if you use it properly, in the other hand it can brick your phone in a second if you are messing with the process.odin download 3.10.7

Odin Features

  • Never Installation required:Every ODIN versions are very powerful,portable and not needed to install on your Devices.You  should extract EXE file into folder and use it from here.Any configurations are found in ODIN itself.
  • Flash stock ROM:If something happens wrong with your device, this helps you to get back your device to the  position. For an example Bootloop. In any Samsung device you need to flash the stock ROM to get  everything back working.
  • Flash Custom ROM:Odin download  allows you to flash any custom ROM on your smart device.
  •  Flash recovery:Addition to flashing the complete stock ROM or any custom ROM, it also supports you to flash the recovery on your Samsung device.
  • Flash Root Packages:In flashing root packages of your smart phone, this system supports a lot.
  • Supports official firmwares:Generally ODIN allows you to flash official firmware direct on your Samsung device without actually tripping KNOX warranty. That is to say, the firmware you streak through ODIN will be as certified as once you overhaul through OTA(Over-the-air) upgrade framework or through Samsung Smart Switch/Samsung KIES.
  • Re-Partition your device: You can execute this propelled assignment by connecting to a .PIT document which contains all the  segment data and the re-segment your gadget. This is useful when you need to profound clean your Device
  • Flash Custom ROM:Odin download  allows you to flash any custom ROM on your smart device.
  • Flash Kernels:In few simple steps you can also flash kernels, custom mods on your Samsung device by Odin Download

With Samsung Odin download most recent versions with improved support, you can flash your smart phone easily in following few easy steps and let your device receives the latest updates even before their official launch. For each device usually firmware packs are included, Odin is the best program for flashing your Samsung device. This Odin Samsung relationship has strengthened since 2009. Being the most safest and popular software in its category makes this Samsung Odin relationship so tight.

How to use Odin download

  1. Initially, Download Odin  zip file, and then extract the zip file in order to get the Odin Samsung folder.
  2. Then connect your device to the PC, and turn it off minimum for 30 seconds.
  3. After that turn it on while holding down your Home button, Power button and Volume key, until you get the download mode.
  4. Then launch the Odin extracted folder by opening it.
  5. Tic on Auto Reboot, then click PIT and select PIT file which associated with the ROM flashing with Samsung Odin.
  6. After that click on PDA and select the TAR file for the ROM.
  7. Finally, click start in order to flash your ROM. Then your phone will automatically reboot after the installation.

In few easy steps you can experience a complete flashing on your smart device successfully. One most important fact to remember is, you have to go through all information and instructions on Odin before you move on to the process. Because one doubt might harm your entire process and device.

Few more points before you start Odin download

  • To have a complete backup of your device.
  • Download the latest Odin version available.
  • Have updated Samsung USB drivers.
  • Download ADB fastboot from the site.
  • To connect the device, prepare a proper USB cable.


You can improve the performance of your phone with the process of flashing. This process is smart and easy and it simply helps device to choose what you exactly in need of updating.

Download ODIN

As mentioned previously, ODIN supports Windows only. Below, are linked all the version of ODIN.
Odin v1.70
Odin v1.82
Odin v1.83
Odin v1.86
Odin v3.04
Odin v3.06
Odin v3.07
Odin v3.09
Odin v3.10.5
Odin v3.10.6
Odin v3.10.7
Odin v3.11.1
Odin v3.11.2
Odin v3.12.3 — Latest!

How To Find Suitable Odin On Your Device



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