How TO Recovery Your Android Device Using TWRP Tool|Download

One Of The Best Custon Recovery Tool Is TWRP

TWRP is one of the  essential,greatest,awesome and important  Recovery tool among the custom recovery can change your android device to the custom recovery mode using by this tools.TWRP is also launched based on the recovery environment which it is unlike other recovery including android default recovery environment such as stock recovery.Otherwise custom recovery help you make so many changes on your android device easily than stock ROM recovery.

TWRP has so many good features than recovery tools which it is supported to themes and it has large working place with quite working environment.Anyway you can make awesome android device using this recovery tool.

How TO Download The TWRP Tool

You should find and select best web-site to download for TWRP Tool.After downloading has finished,then you can go the next step about installation of TWRP for your android device.

How To install The TWRP Tool For Your Android Device.

You can install TWRP  Custom Recovery Tool using by Two Ways which Both Methods differ  from each other.

1.Installation of custom recovery via ADB and Fastboot drivers Method

2.Installation of custom recovery via TWRP Manager Method.


Installation of custom recovery viaADB and Fastboot drivers Method

Fisrt you should go ahead to enable the USB debbugging Mode on your Android Device.To do the enabling debugging mode,you should install the both of ADB and Fastboot drivers perfectly and correctly.Anyway you can turen to the enable debbuging mode after installation of mentioned both Apps.

After taken everything correctly ,you can enable debugging mode as below,

Setting<Developer Options<USB Debugging

Now you can install the custom recovery using by ADB.

How to Install Custom Recovery using ADB

Basically you should open the folder where you have saved the TWRP Recovery .img file

After found the TWRP Recovery .img file folder ,you should open CMD window inside that folder as well as you should click on shift+right  on the empty white space .

Finally you should give the open command window at above white empty space.

Then you should connect your android device and PC each together and you should write the command to boot your android device into bootloader/flashboot mode; s blow

adb reboot bootloader.

Then your device will ask for permission to USB debugging while you should tap on ‘OK’

After that you should turn your device into bootloadermode and you should write below command space you have selected before on the white space/space which you have written as adb reboolt bootloader.

you should write as given below,

fastboot flash recovery twrp-2.8.x.x-x.x.x.img

above  given command is needed to modify the TWRP recovery .img file in your android device.

After TWRP has flashed succesfully on your android device,then you can write final command as below to reboot your android device.

fastboot rebooot.


Installation of custom recovery via TWRP Manager Method.

Absolutely TWRP is the best and awesome root application among the custom recovery tools which it help to get backup ,restoration and installation of recovery perfectly and correctly.

Anyway you should find whether your android device is compatible for the This apps or not.Furthermore TWRP app is very easy for handling.Don’t worry.You can do it easily.If you have any dough when you can contact us furthermore.

TWRP Functions

Easier to Nandroid Backup

Restore an existing Backup

Flash Zip Files

Factory Reset

Fix Permissions




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