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Google Home is a voice activated smart speaker system which is developed by Google. The Google announced the Google Home in May 2016 and released it in the below dates.

  • United States: November 4, 2016
  • United Kingdom: April 6, 2017
  • Worldwide: Not announced yet


Google Home works with user’s voice commands to service use through intelligent personal assistant named Google Assistant. The Google Home can provide you a large amount of services such as listening to a music, receiving news, getting answers for the question etc. All these things are done with just a voice command. These Google Home also has the combined support of home automation features, with this you can control all your smart home items, and you can also use multiple Google Home placed in different rooms, synced to gather for a music playback. At the update of April 2017 Google Home also introduced multi-user support, up to six people.

The Google Home is Cylinder shaped and built in with four LEDs on the top and Comes with color options for varies environments.



The reports were published on the march 2016, that the Google is developing a wireless speaker to compete with the Amazon Echo. But the Google Home was officially announced in the May 2016 at company’s developer conference. However the Google Home was released in the US on November 4, 2016 and in the UK on April 6, 2017.


Design  Of Google Home 


  • Diameter: 96.4 mm(3.79 in)
  • Height: 142.8 mm(5.62 in)
  • Power cable: 1.8 m(70.8 in)


Weight  Of Google Home

  • Device: 477 g(16.8 oz)
  • Power adapter: 130 g(4.58 oz)


This Google Home has been shaped similar to a cylinder and has four LEDs on the head to indicate it is turned on. The top part is built with a touch panel to adjust the volume and stop/star music. The Google Home also comes in six colors, the lower part takes the color. The colors are available additional too.




Also there are many color skins available for the top part of the Google Home.



Hardware Of Google Home 

  • ARM processor
  • Wi-Fi chip
  • Built in Microphone, Speaker
  • Plastic top with LED lights, Fabric or Metal bottom
  • A MUTE button to stop Google Home Listening to you



  • Both in-house and third-party services are filed in to Google Home
  • Excellent voice command control system
  • Supported services such as Google calendar and Google Keep for tasks, and CNN, CNBC and the Wall Street Journal for news updates, Google play music, Spotify and iHeartRadio­­­ for Audio, Netflix, YouTube and Google Photos for videos and photos.
  • Google Assistant and intelligent personal assistant are the main and only Assistants in Google Home.
  • Group of Google Home can be connected to gather for a music playback
  • Google Home can recognize up to six voices and gives the answers for the person who is talking according to their account information
  • Also Google Home includes Home Automation feature, which allows you to use Google Home as a Central hub to control all smart devices at your Home


With all these amazing looks, features and function Google Home takes a huge entry passing Amazon Echo. Amazon Echo is also the same kind of product similar to Google Home, but not worth than the Google Home.


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