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Here we discuss the most suitable and most dependable rooting apps and software that one can find to safely root your devices.

The eight rooting tools will be subdivided as five android rooting software that is computer based and rest of the three apps will be using the device itself. It could be a tab or the phone device.

These are the best ones that are time testedand proven to be safe. So you can be sure and dependable on what we comment here.

 Best five Android Rooting Software to Root Android  -Computer Based

Here we let you know the recommend bestfive rooting software for Android devices. Please note that this is the which enables to root your phone or tablet from a computer easily and conveniently.

      The one click TunesGo

This is  a First Top Best  Rooting tool for you.Again make sure that a computer is running on Windows Operating system. This method is fully compatible with Android 2.1 and upwards, pretty much safe and secure android rooting tool, supports over 2000 devices (phones and tablets) produced by Samsung, HTC, Sony, Motorola, Huawei, Acer, LG and more.

Plus Points

  • Supports an array of phone types.
  • Best ever that has the backing up and restoring tool
  • This Software fasillitate you Root your android Devices without fear of voiding your company  warranty.

Minus Points

  • Does not have the unroot function to reverse back


KingoRoot is also Top Best tooing tool with long rooting experiece.KingRoot or rather Kingo is  a product from China. Since it’s creation the software was converted to many languages and now it has become a very popular rooting tool among many android users.

It can be used for any Android version upto 4.2.2 and works in good with HTC, Samsung, Sony, Motorola, Lenovo, LG, etc.

Plus points

  • It can be used on a range of Android versions from 2.3 to 4.2.2. in other words it is fully compatible with any of these versions
  • It is possible to reverse back the rooting process at any time.
  • It is very safe to use

Negative points

  • Still there is no support from Android 4.4 or higher versions


This is another interesting tool for the androids. You can use this to root my android device (phone /tablet) and many more.

Plus Points

  • As usual it has a wide range of androids that will support from 1.5 to 4.2
  • Possible to unroot

Minus Points

  • It cannot support any androids higher than 4.2

    Root Genius

This is another Top Best rooting software that has a Chinese origin. It simplifies rooting

Plus points

  • Supports 10,000 and more androids
  • Simply a one click root and you are on the go!
  • Enable to flash any custom ROM, and get away with built-in-apps after rooting is done.
  • Range of compatibility ranges from 2.2 to 4.4.
  • It is free to use

Negative points

  • Unable to unroot at the moment.


similar to Root Genius This is another powerful root software by China.

With a simple one click you can be the master of your device.

Just one click, and you can be the master of your Android phone or tablet.

Plus points

  • Has support forthousands of Android phones
  • Very high success rate of rooting
  • It is free to use

Minus point

  • Does not offer unroot function for the time being.

Top Best three Android Rooting Software to Root Android  – Straight with the device

In this  section we will talk about the best 3 Android root apps, which enables to root straight to your Android device.

   SuperSU Pro

This is another good rooting app for Android. This app can give permission to root . SuperSU is an abbreviated word for Super superuser. Its other version is superSUPro. What it will do is it will store all your requests in it’s memory and grant permission once that app seeks root access.


  • Prompts for Root access, log, and notifications.
  • It will partly unroot or fully unroot your device.
  • Starts even when the device is not completely booted
  • Behaves as an system app.
  • You can access using dialing *#*#1234#*#* or *#*#7873778#*#* through the dialler
  • 4- Themes to select Dark, Light, Light- Dark Actionbar, and Default device.
  • 5 Optional icons for the app.

Plus Points

  • Works smoothly no extra weight on CPU.
  • Free of advertisement.
  • Can be made hidden.
  • Takes up small space as small as 2.2MB space.

Minus Points

  • Pro version can be added to pin which is a paid version of this app.


This app is similar to SuperSU tool. However this app has a pin code protection after paying for the app in the SuperSU. The app is a bit heavy compared to SuperSU. The GU interface was not that impressive when beta version was launched. However the official version looks good. It is much smoother. The developers have told that this version will be only a free version herein.


It works on multi user platforms. Supports Android 4.2 onwards

  • This is an open source version and the code can be found in github
  • At every point when root access is requested a PIN is requested too.
  • Individual configuration of every app.
  • Root access asking, logging, and notification features.


Plus points

  • Can handle multi root access simultaneousely.
  • Dynamically updated in the market, so all support can be obtained every time.
  • Setting the duration before timeout is possible
  • This is the best app that is available
  • This app works very transparently. No security voids.

Minus Points

  • This app is a heavy on the CPU.
  • The interface could be made fully custom made.

      Superuser X [L]

This app is for the use of experienced users such as developers. New users are asked to stay away from this site. Once the binary file gets installed this will provide root access too. Thereafter one can remove the app too. Thereby stopping the irritable popups.

Plus points

  • You will be able to get root access even the binary file is corrupted
  • To free off memory space one can remove the binary file and uninstall the appin his wish
  • It gives root access without any more questioning. Thereby saving time and other resources.

Minus Points

  • The app is for experienced users such as developers. If you are comfortable by just clicking the prompt then this is not for such persons.
  • If a user is interested in downloading apps randomly again this is not for you in that case you may brick the device.
  • Ads appear in the free app. To getaway with these annoying apps, you must purchase the app.
  • This app is for android devices running on ARM processor.
  • This app is in the command line format and no GUI

About other Root tools will be continued.

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