Android Oreo Features and supported Device list

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The Google released its latest Android version the Android 8.0 Oreo for 2017/2018 as it does every year. We tested up all the Beta Android versions of Android Oreo and finally got to the official version and it is really awesome. Unlike the previous Android versions (Android N, Android M) the Oreo is amazing with some cool features and absolutely new design. Also the Android O has some excellent boosters to enhance the device performance.

You might be excited of what the Android Oreo going to get you? Hands on to the latest Android version, it is something really mind blowing when we compare it with the Android Marshmallow or Nougat. With mesmerizing features and performance. Unlike the previous Android versions it gives you a more colorful and featured Android experience.

I have listed up some cool features of the Android Oreo and also added the Oreo supported device list in this article.

Some impressive features of Android Oreo

  • Boots up Faster
    The Android Oreo Boots up your device twice faster than the Android N, this really great for you as it is real quick.
  • Better performance
    With Android Oreo the ability to minimize background activity of the apps is incredibly increased. This means the Power Saving of Oreo is great compared to the previous Android Marshmallow and Nougat.
  • Picture-in-Picture
    Android O provides the ability for you to see two apps at one time, this is something sounds wired. Anyhow it’s a truth, you can view 2 apps on a single screen
  • Notification Dots
    Improved notifications this time, Google has made some cool changes to notifications with an amazing notification visualization by adding Channels and Notification Dots. Notification channels provides a new class for notifications that provides extremely point by point control over notices. Also lets you change notices by channel or subject, this is great rather than limiting it to simply arrange with apps. These channels/subjects are openly scheduled altogether. Once you click the notification dots, you can immediately see new notices and as well as you can clear them easily by swiping away.
  • Android Instant Apps
    Get straight into new apps right from your browsers, no need of installations.
  • Better and new Emojis
    Emojis are very important for all the users to express yourself easily. As with the new emojis of Android Oreo you can express yourself amazing than ever you through before. You can share your feeling with over 60 new Emoji.
  • Autofill Framework
    With your permission, Autofill Framework helps to automatically fill your information on login screens on your favorite apps, this makes everything super fast.
  • Smarter Wi-Fi
    Wi-Fi Aware (also called Neighbor Awareness Networking or NAN). This capacity essentially works so gadgets with good equipment can convey when they are close, by means of Wi-Fi Aware, without fundamentally using the web association.
  • Best Power saving
    Google has included automatic limits on apps for background activities in Android Oreo to prevent Battery draining and expand the battery life as well. These background limits will specifically activate on background services and location updates. This exactly means that All Applications will perform less energy consumption and provides ultimately huge battery life.
  • Cool app icons
    The Android O is integrated with eye catching new App icons, this provides you a feel of getting with something new.
  • Search and find app info
  • Widgets are easier to integrate
  • Animated clock icon
  • Fingerprint gestures
  • Bluetooth 5

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