Action Launcher 3 September Update

Action launcher 3 is one of the bestĀ lancherĀ app. It is like android stock appearance, but have more features. It has quick launher menu feature as previous versions. This launcher is light wait tool. And there are no more struggling tools with it.

Action launcher 3 got new update today. See the update log from official site.


New in the September 2016 update:

  • Option to use Android 7.1 style round icons.
  • Integrate Pixel Launcher’s rumored All Apps drawer. Swipe up on the dock to reveal All Apps.
  • Two Pixel Launcher inspired style folder types.
  • Add tinted dock background.
  • Customize colors of All Apps, folder icons & dock background via Quicktheme.
  • Add caret page indicator.
  • Add Google “pill” & date widgets.
  • Save backups to Google Drive

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